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3 friends who like to talk about sports. We all worked together at the same company about 4 years ago and we love talking and having our opinions on the latest sport topics. So we decided why not talk about it live and on the air and that is where we are.


3 Got Game Episode 7: NBA Playoffs, Julio Jones
2021 Jun 0936m 23s
In this episode we discuss our thoughts in the first round of the NBA playoffs and what we expected to see and what surprised us. We give our second round predictions. We next talk about the Julio Jones trade! Did the Titans get the best deal? Will it work out for them? How will it affect the AFC South and the league around this trade?
3 Got Game Episode 6: NBA Playoffs First Round, Athletes and Old Age
2021 Jun 0131m 35s
In this episode we discuss about the first round of the NBA playoffs emphasizing on the games that are neck and neck and seeing where they might go. Also we talk about older athletes and how they are affecting the game today than they were in the past, can we see more older athletes playing for longer careers?
3 Got Game Episode 5: NBA Playoffs and Julio Jones trade talks
2021 May 2433m 32s
In today’s episode we talk about the NBA playoffs and how they are shaping to be. We get into detail about some of the games played on Saturday night and how some of the upsets might affect the playoffs in the long run. We state our predictions for the first round of the playoffs. Jumping back into the NFL we talk about the Julio Jones trade talks and some possible destinations for the Star WR.
3 Got Game Episode 4: NFL Schedule release, Tim Tebow, NBA & More
2021 May 1734m 19s
In today’s episode we talk about the release of the NFL schedule. We talk about the most intriguing game of the season, what our team predictions could be and which NFL has the best offseason to this point. Also we chime in on the Tim Tebow talk. Lastly we end with NBA talk and the last couple games of the regular season leading up into the playoffs.
3 Got Game Episode 3: Aaron Rodgers talk, NBA playoffs, Special Guest Connor F.
2021 May 1144m 6s
In today’s episode we talk about the speculation in the Aaron Rodgers situation, is he going to be traded or will he stay? We also talk about the final upcoming games for the NBA and how the playoffs might turn out and talking about which team looks to be the hottest and looks to be in trouble.
3 Got Game Episode 2: First Round NFL Draft Review
2021 May 0341m 2s
Today we talk about the NFL draft results from the first round. We mostly talk about the first 12 picks of the draft and how our predictions from last episode compares to the results. We also talk about our surprises throughout the first round and how our teams did in the draft and some other news from the draft.
3 Got Game Ep 1. NFL Draft/ NBA Playoffs and MVP Race
2021 Apr 2648m 49s
First episode for 3 got game so we talk about us and our experience in sports and why we started this podcast. We start off by talking about the NFL draft and our opinions of the 10 first picks of the draft, who the team will take and who we think they should take instead. Next we talk about the NBA season and the playoff picture along with the new playoff seeding for this season. We also talk about the NBA MVP race and who we think is the favorite to win it.
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