Stories For The Little Kids
  • Kasturi Kumar
5 episodes
Short stories for little kids with simple morals. Aesop's fable, panchatantra story, Tenaliraman story and many interesting mythological stories


Narada's devotion towards Lord Vishnu
2021 Jun 114m 29s
Indian mythology is full of values and lessons for children. This is how one can think of God amidst day to day work.
The story of Arjuna's focus
2021 May 203m 38s
If you want to achieve something in life, don't get distracted. Just focus on your goal, aim and continue your journey
The dedication of Ekalavya
2021 May 183m 58s
Whatever hurdles we face in the world, we should not fail to work hard towards achieving our passion and goal.
The ant and the Dove - Aesop's fable
2021 May 171m 58s
Every good deed we do for others will come back to us. Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good action in others.
The crow and the fox - Aesop's fable
2021 May 152m 24s
Beware of flattery.
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