Living The Awakened Path
  • Dr. Jada MacLeod ND + Lisa Sabatini
4 episodes
Lisa Sabatini and Dr. Jada MacLeod, ND create a community for converstations about living conciously and aware. Embarking on a path of healing and wholeness requires an immense amount of awareness and integration. Processing. How do we take what we've gleaned from our Healer or our Practitioner and actually apply it to our lives? Let's talk. Come with us on a weekly journey of elevated conversations, applying the concepts of healing body, mind and spirit to our everyday lives.


Episode 4: What is Healing?
2021 Jun 0446m 8s
We hear the word "Healing" all the time, but what does it really mean?
Episode 3: Inner Peace
2021 May 1939m 12s
Living the Awakened Path: Inner Peace How to do we find inner peace? How do we find inner peace in our lives during times of overwhelm and turmoil?
Episode 2. Awareness of our state of being on the spectrum of polarities.
2021 May 0546m 58s
In this episode, we do a deep-dive into becoming aware of where you on on the spectrum of positivity, negativity and why it's important.
Episode 1: Why the heck we decided to make a podcast!
2021 Apr 0822m 22s
Join Dr. Jada MacLeod and Lisa Sabatini as they embrace conversations about living consciously and integrating all of their healing into their living. Have you ever had one of those deep and meaningful conversations with a friend who really 'gets it' and it just illuminated so much awareness for you? Well, over the past few years, Lisa and Jada keep having this conversations and realized just how important it's been on their healing path.
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