The Pizza Wheel Podcast
  • TanK Stavin
10 episodes
3 Internet friends from very different walks of life approach topics each week, most of which don't matter to anybody.


Episode 10: Doctor Dangerous Banksy's Your Liver
2021 Jun 121h 43m 53s
This week it's death by vaccine, death by doctor, signature internal organs brought to you by a big brain surgeon, and a preview of our thoughts on E3!
Episode 9: Strip-A-Vaxx On Cheesetagram
2021 Jun 042h 14m 50s
This week we talk about life, love, and CHEESE! And also the new HAWTEST place for you to get your vaccine! Don't want to get stabbed? What about in a den of unbearable sin? And what about an app, FOR CRIME? Check it all out this week, on The Pizza Wheel Podcast!
Episode 8: Backseat Bonfire
2021 May 282h 2m 1s
In THIS episode we've got lonely backseat ladies, vagina scented bonfires, and a hatred for all things plant!
Episode 7: Hasta Rasta Sriracha
2021 May 222h 3m 34s
This week it's sleeping with ninjas, Vegans, Sweden, and HAWT Rasta bananas! (Thanks Gwen Stefani)
Episode 6: Mummified Willy Cannons
2021 May 151h 49m 11s
We were HELLA late recording this weeks episode, which features mummies, dick glitter, angry twitter, and a man called Nobody.
Episode 5: Breakfast Bleach Gun
2021 May 082h 7m 46s
TanK Still thinks this is week 4! We've got kitties, McMonies, religious bleach dealers, and a party for the Pizza Wheel!
Episode 4: Crime Practice
2021 May 011h 49m 52s
This week we have crimes, fingers, bricks, and creamy French Dips!
Episode 3: Greasy Pennies
2021 Apr 242h 1m 32s
Neighbors, ravens, angry mechanics, and slapping what yo TV gave ya!
Episode 2: Get Off and Get Stuffed
2021 Apr 171h 55m 36s
We've got more dogs, come and go pizza, weird twitter patterns, horrible servers, and a future we can all be ashamed of!
Episode 1: Swedish Panties
2021 Apr 101h 36m 47s
This week it's panties, dogs, strokes, and sexy bunnies!
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