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Brackets aren't just for March anymore. A podcast where 2 internet friends argue over things they love, things they like, and things that they may not care that much about. But decisions must be made.


Baby Got Brack (ONE-HIT WONDERS)
2021 Jun 022h 27m 42s
Even we were shocked by the winner.
Roast Pork With Brackoli Rabe (SANDWICHES)
2021 May 181h 23m 33s
A hot dog *is* a sandwich, folks.
Saw A Brackstreet Sticker On A Cadillac (SUMMERTIME THINGS)
2021 May 111h 37m 25s
In which we get a little *emosh* and Allison decides she's best friends with Levi's deceased (RIP) grandma.
2021 May 041h 22m 4s
French toast, pancakes, or waffles? Perhaps none of them???
Bracket Bound: The Incredible Journey (LIVE ACTION DISNEY MOVIES)
2021 Apr 272h 3m 12s
Moral of the story: reacquaint yourselves with 1993's 'Heavyweights.'
Brack Which Knish (DUMPLINGS)
2021 Apr 202h 33m 4s
You're going to want to order takeout after this. . .
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