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Here we talk about mental health. No judgments, and people friendly. Support this podcast:


2021 Jun 0732m 20s
Today we talk about self improvement and self reflection. Please share and enjoy.
Answering my listeners questions.
2021 May 1434m 54s
Today we talk about questions yall sent in to me. Thank you 😊 please send this to someone you love.
2021 Apr 3029m 37s
Hi 👋 please enjoy and share episode 5 of Perfectly Imperfect 🥰
Depression and stuff
2021 Apr 2333m 13s
In this episode I'm joined by my lovely friend seoulcalstudios, where we sit down and talk about depression and answer my listeners questions. Please enjoy.
Emotions running 🏃‍♂️
2021 Apr 1436m 58s
Today we talk about emotions and what helps us get through. I answer your questions that you sent, and we talk about it together.
Late night covos
2021 Apr 0739m 45s
Welcome to episode two I have my best friend on this episode. Enjoy as we answer my listeners question.
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