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Our podcast aims to educate the common teenager on different movements and injustices all around the world. These episodes feature many activists and professors from the Bay Area, and will hopefully increase your drive in advocacy. Brought to you by Bay Area Youth For Justice, a Bay Area non-profit that strives to uplift community voices by providing a platform for projects and education. Visit for more information.


Dissecting Medicare 4 All and Other Medicare Plans with DisagreetoAgreeOfficial
2021 Feb 041h 14m 27s
In this episode, members of BAY4J are joined with members of DisagreetoAgreeOfficial, another Bay Area podcast group, to dissect the ever popular idea of Medicare 4 All. Members of this conversation delve deep into what the medicare is, with in-depth discussions on the proposed Medicare4All, BidenCare, and the Affordable Care Act. Especially what these mean for the American people and how they will be effected over different fronts. Thanks for Listening! Make sure to check out DisagreetoAgree  at @disagreetoagreeofficial on instagram and on Youtube.
The Stigma Around Community College
2021 Feb 0430m 33s
More than 40% of the nation’s college-aged students begin their academic careers at community college, according to the US Department of Education. Many people make comparisons between community colleges and “real” colleges, perpetuating the idea that a community college education is somehow less valid than one from a traditional four-year university. Community colleges have long been stigmatized and there will always be people who look down on community colleges and the students who attend them, but the truth is that the line between community college and “real” college is becoming more and more blurry. There are several reasons that community college may be right for you, and we will go through a few of them today! Thanks for listening, and be sure to follow us for more content like this!
BAY4J podcast series introduction
2021 Jan 281m 26s
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