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hi! we're Edyn and Emily, two best friends who love to ramble about teenager things, the universe, and everything in between. we are interested in topics such as feminism, mental health, high school, relationships and growing up. tune in to plenty of deep conversations, interviews with our friends, and lots of laughter. this podcast is a venue for us to tell stories, speak our minds, and ~vibe~. welcome to kneecap & keyboard, we hope you stay for a while and take a listen. (also plz excuse our verbal typos :-)) love ya! email us at: kneecapandkeyboard@gmail.com


edyn and emily's guide to kicking diet culture's ass
2021 May 0139m 21s
in this episode, Edyn and Emily talk about diet culture, toxicity in social media, and how some people make mental illness a “trend.” They share personal stories of unfair treatment from others, wise words about making mistakes, and what you can do to kick diet culture’s ass.
that one song from Cats (memories)
2021 Apr 1336m 55s
In this episode, Edyn and Emily are back from their hiatus and dive back into memories from the past year.
safety tree
2021 Mar 2145m 17s
tune into the second episode of kneecap&keyboard's mental health series!
crystals, gas, and the mystic man
2021 Mar 1441m 13s
beware of the gassy road ahead!¡
the internal sword fight of gertie and confidence
2021 Feb 2852m 53s
tune into the first episode of Edyn and Emily’s brand new series on mental health!
fever dream nostalgia
2021 Feb 2031m 45s
ever remember a story from your past and it just seems unbelievably bizarre or unreal? we do too!
the gist, the "click," and the beginning
2021 Feb 1327m 42s
an introduction to our brand new podcast! in this episode, Edyn and Emily share a bit about themselves, the future of this podcast, and the story of how their friendship began :-)
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