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Melontopia Podcast is a podcast on Linux, programming, cybersecurity, data privacy, ethical hacking, and crypto. Our hosts include Howard (, Harvey (, Hotshot, and Snow. We are associated with Team Eminent ( and Eminent Podcast, although our subject material is very different.


Altcoins May 2021 Update 🍈 Dogecoin & SpaceX, Mining Monero, Farming Chia 🍉 Melontopia Podcast Ep. 3
2021 May 2255m 22s
Did you know that Dogecoin and Monero have both been used to fundraise  for charitable causes? Did you know that it's possible not just to mine  crypto, but also to FARM certain crypto, like Chia? 🌱 How much did  Colonial Pipeline pay to DarkSide after the ransomware attack? 🛣️ Learn  more fun facts about crypto and possibly learn about how one would get started with mining or investing (AT YOUR OWN RISK - we are not giving  financial advice, and both carry significant risks!). Join myself, Harvey, Empt, and occasionally Howard for a riveting discussion of altcoin in the present day, present time (May 2021).
DeGoogling, FLoCs, Qubes OS, Vastaamo, & More: Internet Privacy in 2021
2021 May 0846m 23s
What is DeGoogling? What are supercookies, zombie cookies, and FLoCs? 🧟  What are the advantages of extensions like Privacy Badger, and why are  VPNs not the solution they often potray themselves to be? It's no secret  - your data is constantly being harvested by tech companies, and data  breaches by hackers could compromise your personal information. What can  we do to protect ourselves? 🛡️ Turns out, we can do a lot.
Linux: A Beginner's Guide
2021 May 0150m 57s
How do you get started on Linux? What are distros, and did you know that there are distros related to North Korea and Hannah Montana? What are the differences between virtual machines, booting from a USB, and dual boot, and how can you deal with Windows/Linux compatibility issues with Wine or Proton? Howard, Harvey, Hotshot, and myself discuss these topics and more. Dive into the wide world of Linux with us!
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