• Reenie Carroll, Madeleine Libman, Cadence Messier, Ansley Rowell
3 episodes
Join Reenie Carroll, Madeleine Libman, Cadence Messier, and Ansley Rowell as they impart the endless wisdom of four college students. Prepare to laugh. Prepare to cry (from laughing). Prepare for opinions. This is Despicable She. @despicableshepodcast on instagram.


Outstanding Band Student Award (for Christ's Sake)
2021 May 0750m 19s
Do the women of Despicable She have reservations AT Nando’s Peri-Peri, or reservations ABOUT Nando’s Peri-Peri? Reenie refuses to piggyback, and Cadence explains why no one mourns her me-moji. Ansley reveals her composition skills and Madie rips off Mitski while writing the new hit broadway musical starring Daniel Radcliffe. Do the youth correspondents know the rules of improv? Listen to find out!
Mai Tais and Mysteries
2021 Apr 2348m
In this episode, the women of Despicable She hit the local hospital. Don’t worry, they’re all in good health! Cadence shares her movie wisdom in the first installment of Cadence’s Corner: A Cinematic Experience. Ansley dishes on her nasty nineteenth. Reenie and Madie haggle over how they obtained a beautiful set of pins as well as an Air Fryer. The youth correspondents are divided over Dogecoin, and everyone divulges how to get 4.0s... which they may or may not have. Listen to find out!
The Despicable Pilot
2021 Apr 1544m 56s
In our pilot episode, we meet the women of Despicable She and they answer the burning questions they had to beg their friends to send in! Reenie discusses the philosophy of footwear. Ansley teaches Madie her CVS tips and how to catfish men on Tinder with a false love of “Museum.” Cadence reluctantly comes out as vegan, and our youth correspondents ponder love in a modern world.
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