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Faith Y3n on Purity Culture
2021 Jun 151h 30m 37s
I found myself deconstructing purity culture on IG live at 1am, when the illustrious Faith Y3n joined in for this complex deconstruction. The conversation has been edited to respect the privacy of other people's stories and add some info in places. Thanks for joining us.
Labor trafficking in Africa
2021 May 1345m 5s
During this LIVE I was able to connect with a former Unification Church member in Africa. We share the similarities and the differences of our experience in the Unification Church. She also shares insight of what the UC is doing in Africa, in her own experience. We discuss the origins of ffwpu's labor trafficking fast food joint Burger Hut and Heaven' G burger. Unknown if they are paying members decent salaries but they are a non profit fast food restaurant... whatever that is 🤔
Emotional Control Explained
2021 May 131h 1m 28s
And we are at the end of the BITE model of authoritarian control. Time to move forward to deconstruct other aspects of the cult. Thank you so much for listening and following this journey. Much love to my listeners, I hope you feel empowered. Remember every time a moonie escapes the cult, a fairy gets its wings.
Thought Control Explained!
2021 May 101h 26m 3s
During this IG live Renrobot deconstructed thought control in the Unification Church through her own experiences while talking and sharing with others. People from all over the world chimed in and created a very rich dialogue of deconstruction. Also, the murder mentioned happened in 2002.
Welcome to Blessed Child Podcast
2021 May 061m 36s
Our agenda on Blessed child is to deconstruct, learn helpful language, navigate the present moment and heal ourselves and our relationships with others. Lets dive deep! If you would like to be on this Podcast, just message Renrobot 🖤 All custom Artwork created by Renrobot.art on IG & FB
Information control- Bite model with Jen Kiaba
2021 May 051h 23m 15s
Jen Kiaba is an award winning nationally recognized artist, who joined Renrobot in deconstructing- information control-in the Unification church. Using the BITE model, this episode is laced with rich stories and useful information. Renrobot edited the IG live to insert a little more information to help members understand the factors that created the UC reality. You can find Jen Kiaba on instagram and facebook as Jen Kiaba. Enjoy! (Information update, the 2 members in the MFT accident broke their backs, one became paralyzed, it is believed the other left the organization)
Behavior control explained!
2021 May 0232m 13s
Listen here for deconstruction of high control groups with Renrobot, using Steve Hassans BITE Model of Authoritarian control. This is a live recording from IG live so there are comments made from other survivors throughout the episode. To join these lives find Renrobot.art on IG. We are dissecting Behavior control first.
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