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Restless and Relaxed is a guest based podcast. We bring to you the sharpest minds of India in thought provoking conversations about life and their areas of expertise. Gear up for a journey of self learning and growth with us.


EP 5: Shaili Chopra | SheThePeople
2021 May 2732m 40s
Shaili Chopra is the founder of SheThePeople, India's largest platform for women. She is also the author of four books and one of India's most successful business journalists. She was named one of India's 50 most influential women in media, marketing and advertising by Impact Magazine.
EP 4: Akshay Dogra | Acting Career, Life Lessons & Ramyug
2021 May 1650m 46s
Actor Akshay Dogra opens up about why he quit television, the criticism on his recent show Ramyug and impact of the lockdown on his life. He takes us back to his college days in Delhi, the days when we worked in the media space, working behind the scenes on films and shows and how he got his first break.
EP 3: Social Samosa | The Untold Story
2021 May 0457m 25s
Founder Hitesh Rajwani joins us today as we unfold the story of Social Samosa. We discuss the role of social media platforms, influencer marketing, meme marketing, the dynamic nature of the digital space and how one can work at Social Samosa. He also talks about his early life, college days, business venture and more. This episode is for YOU if you are a creator, an entrepreneur or a student interested in the world of media, marketing and content. Pull out a pen and paper, be ready to note down some lessons that will help you in your professional journey.
EP 2: Chandana Hiran | Feminism Decoded
2021 Apr 2629m 9s
Chandana Hiran, a feminist and a change-maker talks about feminism and its true meaning. She sheds some light on being a change-maker, the responsibility that comes with it. The impact of her campaign against Fair & Lovely, milestones, her future plans, personal life and more.
EP 1: Humanhood | Building a Business, Law of Attraction, Social Media and The Education System
2021 Apr 1950m 27s
Unnati and Sakshi, the founders of Humanhood join us today to discuss how to build a successful business, their prespective about the current education system, the vision they have for humanhood, the role of social media in this digital age, what law of attraction means to them, the importance of having a rountine and having co founders that one can trust. Dive deep into this business masterclass and learn everything that is needed to be successful and at peace.
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