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This is a collection of podcast from Professor Z's Leadership class at Montclair State University. The Students talk about their interactions with power differentials and leadership styles that they have learned about during the semester. All Rights Reserved. 2021


The 4 Girls Podcast
2021 May 0313m 48s
The 4 Girls Podcast Imeera Cox, Erica Steenstra , Alana Werr and Anna Clancy team up to talk about their work experience, and the different people they have dealt with along their work experience. The dynamic of this group is fun and refreshing.
Learning About the Leader Within
2021 May 0115m 17s
Madelyn Ibanez , Kat Gilvey and Lauren Bragat talk about their leadership roles at Montclair State and in the community. They also speak about their methods of leading and what they find is comfortable for them as leaders.
Leadership Takes Place Everywhere
2021 Apr 3033m 51s
Cameryn Popiak , Skylar Seitzman, Sam Sutter Expand on their understanding of what leadership is. Leadership doesn't only take place in the work place. It can take place in friendships, families, and in the university setting. Listen as these leaders talk about their University experience.
Power Differentials In Anime
2021 Apr 309m 15s
In this episode Matthew Solomon and Luis Nieto, Jr of Montclair State University speak about the power differentials within anime.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.