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Protecting your gold (mental health and choices) mine !
2020 May 257m 7s
I’m vulnerable and raw emotional after an encountering someone from a dating app and they don’t like things I talk about and they want to control me for their sexual agenda! I’ve stood up for myself and separated myself from being a victim much to their demise ! I can’t go back! I was shy and quiet my whole life I want to control my love life and my relationships from this point forward! I’m finding my courage to speak up ! I want to help others too ! This was very hard for me to share but My want to help other people is bigger than my own shyness. I recognize that maybe this can be a pivotal point for someone anyone out there that hears this and I want to be the start for someone’s greatness today so I’m deciding that I want to release this anchor episode for anyone out here to show them that there is a chance, there’s something new, and that this is a brand new horizon that you can make for yourself today!
Upward and onward : A rant
2020 Mar 1210m 15s
Be free and move at your pace and on your terms and take control of your life
LoLo Foxx (Trailer)
2020 Mar 0859s
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