Nerdy Dirty Chinese
  • Rui
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#Nerdy Dirty Chinese is a fun professional podcast hosted by Rui who explains Chinese language from a linguistic perspective and with unfiltered and uncensored example sentences fused with Chinese culture.


Lesson 4-Nerdy Dirty Chinese Grammar-Nouns
2021 Jun 106m 21s
Chinese NounsUncountable Nouns and Countable Nouns do not existComrade in Chinese  has changed its meaning to Gay?!Easy to say You/Your/Yours, He/His/His, She/Her/Hers, etc just by adding One character 的De!How to say Inglorious Basterds in Chinese
L3-Nerdy Dirty Chinese Grammar-Phrase order in Chinese
2021 Jun 058m 37s
Phrase Order in Chinese
L2-Nerdy Dirty Chinese-Radical, Character and Words
2021 May 266m 41s
1. Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters
HSK 1-Lesson 5 她女儿今年20岁 P30
2021 May 1911m 31s
Why He and She are pronounced as the same in Chinese? How to ask age of Kids and Adults in Chinese?  Two ways of asking NumberWhere do we put Adverbs of Time in Chinese, Adverbs of time like this year, tomorrow or last month, etc.Dirty Level: 1
Dirty Chinese-Verb Quantifier
2021 May 166m 31s
Dirty Level: 4 Verb Quantifiers with Dirty Sentences Examples to facilitate your understandingHow to indicate times of sex in ChineseChoose the wrong quantifier could possibly indicate you are either boring or too quick….if you know what I meanVerb Quantifiers次回趟遍顿下儿
HSK 1-Lesson 4-Page 22
2021 May 1510m 46s
Lesson 4 She is my Chinese teacher 1. Am Is Are in Chinese2. Which country are you from?3. Old implies Positive in Chinese language?!4. How to make Yes/No question
L1-Nerdy Dirty Chinese-Syllable, Pronunciation and Pinyin
2021 May 118m 18s
Syllable is consisted of?Relationship between syllable and characterOne way of saying Fuck in ChineseChinese PinyinTip for remembering TONESCharacteristics of Chinese pronunciation by comparing with Japanese
HSK 1-Lesson 3
2021 May 0510m 10s
Lesson 3 P14-15  What's your name? 你叫什么名字
HSK 1-Lesson 2
2021 Apr 284m 27s
Lesson 2-Page 8 Thank you 谢谢你 Feel free to use or share HSK 1 Vocabulary Game Link~
HSK 1-Lesson 1
2021 Apr 276m 32s
HSK Standard Course 1 - Lesson 1 你好 Page 2