I Know, It's Complicated
  • Danielle Hogle & Tarah Carr
6 episodes
Life is complicated for women, but wouldn't it be great if we could have real conversations to help each other figure it out? Join Tarah Carr and Danielle Hogle (best friends & wellness coaches) as they delve into the complicated and interesting aspects of being women and using their spin on topics to empower other women.Each episode contains thought-provoking conversations to help you feel motivated and inspired to live your best life. You will never feel alone as you become best friends with two women that find a way to laugh through this complicated thing called LIFE.


Navigating Friendships: When to Water Them & When to Let Them Go
2021 Jun 0741m 43s
Friendships can be complicated especially as our lives change and people grow, move, and change. So when do we know when to water friendships and when is it time to let them go?  In this episode we discuss HOW to be better friends, understanding other people's love languages, and talking through the importance of communication and understanding in friendships that matter. Share this episode with a friend & tell us your WIN for the week over on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iknow_itscomplicated/
Words Matter: Should We Say This Or That?
2021 May 3143m 38s
Have you ever thought about the words you use and the impact that they have on you, your family, and your friends?  On this episode we are digging into common words & phrases, their impact, and challenging ourselves & each other to be more aware of the positive and negative effects of words.  We want YOU to be part of the conversation - what are your thoughts? *Share your WIN of the week with us over on Instagram! http://instagram.com/iknow_itscomplicated
Support Systems: Finding & Creating Them
2021 May 2436m 52s
On this episode we're talking support systems. How to respond when we don't have support and how we can be better at giving support to others. We are sharing our experience when working towards goals, creating our own support system, and using social media to feel supported in different aspects of life. Do you need be more grounded in your WHY, update your social media, & evaluate thepeople in your inner circle? - let's chat!SHARE this episode with a FRIEND & REMEMBER to share your WIN OF THE WEEK with us over on Instagram: http://instagram.com/iknow_itscomplicated
Is "Balance" Possible?
2021 May 1734m 11s
We are sharing EXACTLY how you can "get your life together" and have 100%  balance in all areas of life... Just kidding! We're talking about "balance" and how to have the RIGHT balance for us as individuals. We're digging into...
Empowerment Muscles & How to Flex Them
2021 May 1039m 6s
We want to be empowered but can it only be GIVEN to us or can we empower OURSELVES? What actions can we take in order to feel more empowered? We are talking about living up to other people's expectations & being confident in our decisions, re-writing our stories, post-it notes, small action, our thoughts, & support systems. If you want to EMPOWER the women around you, take a screenshot of this episode & share it on social media with your friends and tag us. We can't wait to hear your thoughts and your WIN of the week!Join us over on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iknow_itscomplicated/
Did We Just Become Best Friends?
2021 Apr 2833m 12s
It's our FIRST podcast episode & we're so excited you are here! We're sharing who we are, why we're here, and what you can expect when you subscribe to I Know, It's Complicated.  What are your passions in life? What's your favorite tv show? What's your WIN for the week?Big Brother or crime shows? Laugh at us and with us!