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Two crazy girls, one world!


Victims need to speak out
2021 Apr 208m 7s
In todays episode, I will be giving out a PSA about Human Trafficking and raising awareness. For more information please visit the Human Trafficking hotline website.
How we started this podcast?
2021 Apr 0720m 7s
In todays episode, we talked a reddit post, a segment everybody makes mistakes (thanks the mode) and talked about why we started this podcast.
What Charlie and the Chocolate factory character are you?
2021 Mar 3124m 8s
In todays episode, we took a quiz to see what Charlie and The Chocolate factory character are you, discussed some reddits and caught up on life!
Am I the issue in the situation?
2021 Mar 2423m 32s
In todays episode, we will be discussing a reddit article AITA, zodiac horoscopes, celeb crushes and a quiz to see what color we are!
Intro To Us!
2021 Mar 043m 38s
Hey guys! I'm Liel and I'm Maddy! and this this our first episode enjoy!
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