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Hello my name is Alex, I am a 21 year-old hispano-american DJ/Producer based in Des Moines, Iowa. I Love House Music so I make and mix it. I also shuffle cause this shits a vibe. Please leave a like and comment on anything you want. Also Links are down here, if you like what you hear follow me.


Stimulate the 3Levate #15
2021 Jan 1132m 58s
Welcome back! On this week's installment, I've got some heat lined up! Got a wide variety of tunes that i've been rockin for a while but I also got some new tracks I recently just got that I wanted to get in. Thanks again for tuning in and share it with a homie or two.
Stimulate the 3Levate #14
2021 Jan 0436m 12s
Happy New Years to you all! 2020 has been a pain to some more than others but i hope you all well, and ya know overall this year hasn’t been the most exciting. so let’s try and make 2021 what 2020 could’ve been… anyways, I got this fire mix I put together of Tunes that I was consistently bumping throughout 2018-2020! Also I included an ID I just finished up so lmk what you guys think! So plug this set into some fat speakers and bump this!
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