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FOX Sports brings you the Make Me Smarter Football Podcast, a weekly show aimed to do just that: make you smarter about football. Each week Nick Wright joins our football experts to take a look at the top stories and narratives around the NFL and discuss the "popular opinion", then crack it open to give you the real and inside scoop from a unique and interesting perspective that you've never heard before, correcting the misguided opinions floating around media. It'll make you think, it'll make you understand, it'll make you smarter.


Tom Brady & Julian Edelman headline this Patriots vs. Falcons recap
2017 Feb 0729m 23s
Cris Carter and Nick Wright break down the Patriots' historic comeback over the Falcons. Did Tom Brady deserve the MVP, or should the award have gone to James White? Who is really to blame for the Falcons' collapse? Plus, the fellas discuss the historical impact of Julian Edelman's amazing reception.
Super Bowl LI Preview Day 5: Patriots vs. Falcons prediction
2017 Feb 0323m 2s
Cris & Nick break down the winning formula for the Patriots and Falcons before giving their predictions. Finally, Nick makes the case that Tom Brady could be the greatest football player of all time if he wins Sunday, while Cris takes a different stance.
Super Bowl Preview Day 4: Julio Jones vs. Julian Edelman
2017 Feb 0221m 8s
Cris & Nick break down the WR position for the Falcons and the Patriots. How will Belichick attempt to slow down Julio Jones? Do the Patriots wide receivers deserve more credit for their production? Meanwhile, Nick makes the case that the Patriots must trade Jimmy Garoppolo and Cris opens up about a personal conversation with Antonio Brown.
Super Bowl LI Preview Day 3: Legacy of Bill Belichick
2017 Feb 0126m 45s
As the Patriots prepare to face the Falcons, Nick Wright & Cris Carter break down the legacy of Bill Belichick. Is he the greatest coach in NFL history? Who deserves more credit for the run of the Patriots, Tom Brady or Belichick? How will off-the-field incidents impact his legacy on the game? Finally, Cris Carter has an emotional reflection on what it means to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Super Bowl LI Preview Day 2: Brady vs. Ryan
2017 Jan 3126m 38s
Cris Carter & Nick Wright break down the quarterback matchup between the Patriots and the Falcons. Can Vic Beasley contain Tom Brady? How will Belichick defend Atlanta's potent offense? Who will dominate more on Sunday, Brady or Ryan? Finally, Nick makes the case that Matt Ryan is on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Super Bowl LI Preview Day 1: Tom Brady's Legacy
2017 Jan 3021m 44s
Nick & Cris are live from Houston at Radio Row, previewing Super Bowl LI for the next 5 days. The fellas focus on Tom Brady's legacy as he prepares for his 7th Super Bowl. Is Brady the greatest quarterback of all time? How much impact will off-the-field incidents have after he retires? Plus, how long will Brady be leading the Patriots.
Super Bowl LI Preview: Patriots & Falcons breakdown
2017 Jan 2426m 35s
The fellas dive into why the Patriots wide receivers deserve more respect, and how Bill Belichick & Tom Brady always get the most out of that unheralded group. Cris makes the case that the Falcons' offense is more dynamic and harder to stop than the "Greatest Show on Turf" St. Louis Rams. Finally, Nick has a bone to pick with the entire NFL postseason, and the guys discuss why Aaron Rodgers is not to blame for the Packers' problems.
Steelers/Patriots + Packers/Falcons breakdown + Cowboys' big mistake
2017 Jan 1729m 41s
Nick & Cris discuss why all the pressure is on the Pittsburgh Steelers and not Tom Brady. Cris describes the formula for the Packers to slow down Atlanta's historically good offense. Finally, the guys dive into the real reason why the Cowboys lost to the Packers, and Nick has a very interesting trade proposal for the Cowboys and Tony Romo.
Odell Beckham Jr. fallout + NFL Divisional Round Preview
2017 Jan 1029m 6s
Cris Carter joins the show to give a unique perspective on Odell Beckham Jr. & dive into why Matt Ryan and the Falcons should be taken seriously. The fellas break down the Steelers' chances against the Chiefs and Nick Wright makes the case that the Cowboys should be Super Bowl favorites.
Tom Brady's Super Bowl obstacles, Raiders' revival & case for Tony Romo
2016 Dec 2822m 32s
Michael Lombardi tells you why the Steelers & Chiefs will be Tom Brady's toughest test to get to the Super Bowl. Plus, why the Oakland Raiders are not hopeless without Derek Carr, and why Lombardi is not buying the Falcons' defense. Finally, Nick makes the case for Tony Romo to get back on the field.