Soulmate Seekers
  • Kelly Garnett
4 episodes
Welcome to Soulmate Seekers! Gail deSouza and Kelly Garnett are both certified Love Attraction Coaches who bring insightful and humorous voices to the world of dating and attracting a Soulmate relationship. We welcome you into the world of a Soulmate relationship.


How Coronavirus is Like Trying to Get Back With Your Ex
2020 Aug 1735m 35s
Listen to this witty comparison of Ways that you may try, or have tried to get back with an ex is similar to how you may be relating to the Coronavirus.
Episode #2 Love in the Time of Corona
2020 Aug 0438m 44s
In today's episode, we discuss why now is the perfect time to meet your Soulmate. We talk about 5 steps to meet your Soulmate during the pandemic.
Episode #1 What is a Soulmate and How Do You Know?
2020 Jul 2744m 59s
In this podcast, Love Attraction Coaches Gail and Kelly discuss what their definition of a Soulmate is. They also give important signs of whether someone is, or isn't, your true Soulmate.
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