• Erik Scramlin
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A podcast for law enforcement officers. Stay up to date on changes in the law, as former prosecutor and founder of Tactical Legal Solutions, Erik Scramlin breaks down the cases that affect public safety.


Aggravated Fleeing - NM Supreme Court Creates New Case Law
2021 Jun 1210m 35s
The New Mexico Supreme Court recently overturned a Court of Appeal’s decision requiring evidence of actual endangerment in aggravated fleeing cases. In State v. Vest, S-1-SC-37210 (May 27, 2021), the New Mexico Supreme Court held that a defendant may be convicted of aggravated fleeing without proving that there was another person actually in the vicinity of the pursuit. In this Episode, I break the case down for you.
New Mexico Ends Qualified Immunity - Understanding HB 4
2021 Apr 1016m 9s
The New Mexico Civil Rights Act (HB 4 2021) Ends Qualified Immunity as a Defense under state law. What does this mean for law enforcement in New Mexico? In this episode of the podcast, I breakdown HB 4 and tell you what every officer must know about this new law.
Top 3 Objections Every Officer Must Know
2021 Mar 2615m
Knowing these 3 trial objections will help any police officer testify better in court.
Consensual Encounters vs. Seizures
2021 Feb 2015m 24s
Episode 4: Consensual Encounters vs. Seizures
5 Tips For Testifying In Court
2021 Feb 0516m 3s
Terrified of testifying in court? Do you dread cross exam? In this Episode, I discuss some common pitfalls and 5 tips to help you testify better in court.
Training and Experience - Forming Reasonable Suspicion
2021 Feb 0515m 23s
Can an officer rely on specialized training and experience in forming reasonable suspicion? Find out in Episode 2 of the Tactical In-Service. I discuss how an officer can form reasonable suspicion based upon specialized training and experience. More importantly, what the Courts look for when analyzing this approach.
Reasonable Suspicion - The 3 Step Approach
2021 Feb 0520m 49s
Reasonable suspicion seems straight forward but it can actually be quite complex. In this episode I discuss my 3-step approach to determining whether or not reasonable suspicion exists to support an investigatory detention.
Introduction - a Podcast For Law Enforcement
2021 Jan 3011m 46s
Welcome to The Tactical In-Service Podcast. In this brief introduction, host and former Chief Deputy District Attorney, Erik Scramlin (Tactical Legal Solutions, LLC), explains what the podcast is all about. This is a podcast for law enforcement officers to learn about important aspects of the law. The goals of this podcast include: (1) Learn about 4th Amendment Search and Seizure, (2) Learn about civil law and liability that is associated with your work and (3) become a better police officer by staying up to date on changes in the law. There is a better approach to legal training. The Tactical In-Service is part of that approach.
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