Imagine the Difference
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Imagine the Difference brings listeners to the intersection of credit unions and nonprofit organizations. We shine a spotlight on the mechanics behind, and mutual benefits of, this unique relationship. We help credit unions elevate their cause marketing for member engagement, and guide nonprofits in the formation of a successful credit union partnership.


Supporting the Worst Tuba Player in the Band
2021 May 2632m 6s
This week, we dive into community impact at the micro-local level. Funding the budget shortfalls for school sports and clubs is a pain point for many parents and students, and a barrier to participation for others. How can a credit union and booster club partnership foster sustainable programs, eliminate the need for door-to-door sales, and ensure equitable access to activities?
Maximize Impact on a Limited Budget
2021 May 1225m 13s
Tara Dimik, Chief Business Development Officer at Envista Credit Union, joins us this week to talk about maximizing community impact on any budget.
Stepping Up in Times of Need: Acting with Immediacy
2021 May 0528m 9s
In October 2020, historic wildfires devastated communities across Colorado and Wyoming. The American Red Cross provided immediate aid to nearly 20,000 displaced residents in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Red Cross and Blue join us to talk about how their partnership brought critical relief in a rapidly developing emergency and how the credit union launched their second major matching campaign of 2020 in only five days.
Stepping Up in Times of Need: Significant Crisis Compels Significant Response
2021 Apr 2837m 35s
This week, in the first of a two-part series, we examine how Blue Federal Credit Union in Cheyenne, Wyoming doubled their community impact in 2020… twice.
Becoming a Go-Giver
2021 Apr 2131m 56s
What is the secret formula to effective leadership? This episode, we explore leadership and engagement with our guests from SPIRE Credit Union in Minnesota. Give Back is a core action for SPIRE, and in 2020 they met their communities’ needs in a significant way, with the help of their entire team, through their ‘Gives Big’ campaign.
Preamble: At the Intersection of Credit Unions and Nonprofits
2021 Apr 128m 50s
What is the Credit Union Difference? How is a credit union different from a bank? Hosts Noelle Bartlett and Patrick Martin have a short discussion with NetGiver co-founder and president, Eric Berg, about the unique history of credit unions, commitment to community, and the importance of nonprofit partnerships.
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