Alcohol Across America – A Project of the RRForum

Alcohol Across America, hosted by Dr. Brad Krevor, examines trends and issues on the impact of beverage alcohol on economy, health, safety, and American culture. Each week, AAA focuses on one issue. Alcohol and community: Kathie Durbin, Montgomery County Liquor Control explores how communities balance a vibrant hospitality industry with public health and safety. Maj. Mark Willingham, Alcohol Solutions, explores how alcohol liability litigation impacts over-service and over-consumption. College drinking: William DeJong, Boston University, explores trends in student alcohol use and abuse with leading colleges and universities. The changing alcohol industry: Scott Wexler, The Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association, explores how the alcohol marketplace is changing and how the industry itself might be part of the solution. Alcohol and health: Charles Curie, former Administrator of SAMH

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