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Welcome to RoadWorthy Drive Moments! This stream includes the best segments from RoadWorthy Drive, as well as the popular RoadWorthy Drive Minutes. So, sit back and enjoy your favorites.


Why Tesla will Dominate Autonomous Driving in the Future
2021 Mar 0210m 51s
This segment makes the case for why Tesla, not Waymo, will dominate autonomous driving in the coming years.  Some of the facts you already know.  Tune in to find out about the facts that you don't.
HopSkipDrive Shuttles Students in Spokane
2021 Mar 0211m 1s
During this segment, Ken & Chase share what they know about HopSkipDrive, a school age student ride-sharing service that was started by three working moms in Spokane Washington.  Learn why they are growing so fast.
2020 Ford Transit MR Crew Van review
2021 Mar 0210m
Now for something completely different: Ken reviews the 2020 Ford Transit van.  As the successor to the popular E-Series full-size van, the Transit has enabled Ford to claim some 57 percent of the full-size van market in recent years.  Learn why this...
Consumer Reports Finds Low Income Bias at Auto Insurers
2021 Mar 0210m 51s
During this segment, Ken and Chase discuss a recent article by Consumer Reports, which details a low income bias against customers of several of the nation's largest automotive insurance companies.
Virginia's New Privacy Law
2021 Mar 0211m 1s
During this segment, the implications of Virginia's new privacy law are explored.  Find out why this legislation may not be the last as the states attempt to react to personal data privacy and security rights in the midst of a federal vacuum.
Extreme Cold & Rolling Blackouts in Texas
2021 Mar 0210m
Ken and Chase discuss the reasons for the failure of the electrical grid in Texas during the recent cold snap.
When Drivers Rule
2021 Feb 2010m 51s
Ken and Chase take a look at the Union Cab Cooperative of Madison, Wisconsin to learn what happens when drivers rule.
Feds Issue Final Safety Rules for Self-Driving Cars
2021 Feb 2011m 1s
Ken and Chase discuss the new rules issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as they relate to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that govern occupant safety in the new autonomous cars.
2021 Acura TLX SH-AWD sedan review
2021 Feb 2010m
Ken reviews the sleek and sophisticated 2021 Acura TLX sedan.  Learn why that owning a four-door sedan in today's truck-crazy market still has its advantages.
Energy Storage & You
2021 Feb 2010m 51s
Ken and Chase explain the basics of energy storage and its relationship to the electric grid - and most importantly, why this should matter to you.