• Prince & Scratch
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...a failed Rapper/Producer & a retired Radio Presenter.


Mr. Viper Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers
2020 Sep 1122m 56s
Following the unplanned recording and release of the introductory episode of their podcast, Scratch & Prince attempt to x-ray a huge rivalry between two Nigerian heavyweight rappers.Reminisce, a rapper who was trying to stamp his presence in a...
NappieHeads - Episode 00
2020 Aug 2810m 15s
Prince & Scratch were just having a chat about Nigerian Music, one summer afternoon and they decided to record it.They figured the content of their conversation can be produced and made into a podcast. They could have recorded it again, but decided to leave the raw conversation and let the World listen to it and decide if they want to hear more of it.follow us on Instagram & Twitter: @NappieHeads
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