• BN_Dragon
2 episodes
A podcast where ButterNutDragon and ButterNutGoose discuss gaming news, leaks, and updates.


ButterNutPodcast Ep. 2: 2020 sucks
2020 Oct 0722m 46s
In this episode, ButterNutDragon, Goose, Wraith, and Fungy discuss the effects of COVID and 2020 as a whole.
ButterNutPodacst Ep. 1: Minecraft 1.17
2020 Oct 0514m 17s
In this episode, ButterNutDragon is joined by ButterNutGoose and ButterNutFungy as they discuss Minecraft’s announcement for their latest update.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.