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Let's NOT Argue is a show for the Socially Conscious. The team tackles controversial topics that effect community, money, politics, and culture. Let's Not Argue stars Shaun Thomas CEO of Go Vegan Philly. Visit the restaurant at 401 Fayette st in Conshohocken, PA. Voted best Vegan restaurant in Philadelphia. Let's NOT Argue airs live on NewTwistRadio.com mondays at 8pm est.


Customer Service
2021 Feb 0125m 2s
This episode we discuss good and bad customer service. What's the reasoning behind both, and how you can improve the customer service of your business.
Health, Life, and Living
2020 Dec 3139m 37s
Discussing living a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy Lifestyle
2020 Dec 0137m 13s
J, Shawn, and guest R Dot discuss the 30 vegetarian challenge, how to end it, how it should've started, and whats next. Also discussing small changes that can be made to live a little healthier.
Chappelle 8:47
2020 Jul 0535m 2s
Many feel Dave Chappelle's 8:47 special was amazing. Some felt it was not. Some felt left out. This episode we discuss these differing opinions and others. But of course... Let's NOT Argue!
Voting BLM BLVD Defunding police
2020 Jun 1159m 18s
The guys discuss their opposing view on voting, the frustration behind Black Lives Matter BLVD in Washington DC, and tackle the topic of de-funding the police. Lets NOT Argue
George floyd central park karen joe biden
2020 Jun 101h 7m 20s
This episode we discuss the murder of George Floyd, Joe Biden's comfort with black folks, and Central Park Karen's weaponizing of the NYPD. Let's NOT Argue.
Happy Birthday Malcolm X
2020 May 201h 22s
Malcolm X would've been 95 years old. We talk about his legacy, his message, his results. We talk ownership and the importance of it. Patience when building yourself and or your business.
4 Black women at the top of the billboard
2020 May 151h 1m 58s
We talk about 4 black women being at the top the Billboard 100 and the factors that lead to the accomplishment. What are the affects of the music? How does it impact our people?
Entertainment, Music, and Independence
2020 May 051h 14m 15s
This episode discusses the current state of music and the affect it can have on our community. Being owned by a label or being independent? How much is ownership worth to you? Mixed and direct messages if you chose to see them. Lets NOT Argue.
Why Not an HBCU
2020 Apr 211h 2m 7s
Why don't Blue chip athletes choose HBCUs? Why do we look for acceptance from others to accept ourselves? Let's do for us. Let's NOT Argue.