Girl, Get Your Helmet
  • Nicole & Carla
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Join BF’s, Partners in Crime, Ride or Dies,  Nicole and Carla as they navigate through life, love, romance and even matchmaking! Catch them elevating the voices of their everyday people through interviews exploring their relationships as well as crashing their single friends dating apps to find Mr./Mrs. Right or Right Now. Expect unapologetically honest and unfiltered commentary as they laugh, cry, and cry laughing while sharing their lives and their amazing circle of awesome humans. So throw on your favorite album of the 90’s, grab your BF and Girl, Get Your Helmet-it’s going to be a good ride.


The Worst Date That Never Happened
2021 Mar 011h 3m 27s
Join us as we talk to the owner and author of the blog Tinfoil Knights- because sometimes your knight in shining armor is just an idiot in tinfoil! She wows us and brings all the laughs as she tells us the story of her worst date ever. Trust us, it's...
Wanna move in? No? OK cool, Let's do it!
2021 Feb 141h 15m 47s
Join us as we talk to Treia about starting out young,  and redefining what "for-ever-ever" can really mean. She lets us in on the nitty gritty about conquering the highs, lows and what it takes to make it through as well as learning the art of not just...
Leave me alone, I'm not lonely
2021 Feb 1438m 47s
Join us as we explore a love that started in the 5th grade and has lasted through the ages, although they were hardly of age when they got married!  Sheri gives us the keys to life and a long happy marriage which are, taking time for yourself and...
BF's no BS
2021 Feb 1446m 16s
Welcome to Girl, Get Your Helmet with Nicole and Carla! This is our intro episode, where you will learn all about us and what brought us here. If this leaves you with any burning questions please hit us up on Instagram @girlgetyourhelmetor email us...