Wake Up Well with Ali K
  • ali krupnik
2 episodes
How do entrepreneurs and professionals like us bring our A-game to daily life and work in the midst of accelerating change, increasing uncertainty, and overwhelm? That is the question and this podcast gives you the answers. Welcome to Wake Up Well. My name is Ali K. I coach a series of simple wellness habits that work for busy people, giving you the energy, focus, and momentum to live a richer, happier, and more fulfilling life now in just a few minutes each day.


Ep. 2 Where Your Energy Goes, Your Energy Flows with Bradley Kohn
2021 Feb 1632m 2s
Bradley is a Self Mastery and Transformation Architect. He has been described as a modern British renaissance man; is a published poet and writer, multi-platinum awarded record producer, engineer and songwriter, stuntman, extreme sports athlete, British martial arts medallist and long time meditator. Originally from London UK, he currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a Self Mastery and Transformation Coach. In 2019 he founded The Self Mastery Institute - a complete and full service approach to wellness that augments his coaching with a best-in-class network of Doctors, Practitioners and Therapists, collectively operating under his wellness framework of Physical Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, Hydration, Recovery, Purpose and Lifestyle Design. His unique approach and genuine depth of care, enables people to live their best lives through Physical, Mental, Financial and Spiritual Wellbeing.
Ep. 1 Ashdin Doctor: Awesome Lives Start with Awesome Habits
2021 Jan 2148m 52s
Ashdin Doctor is the founder of Awesome 180, it is a labour of love born out of his insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to share and change lives and he believes that awesome lives start with Awesome habits. Motivation fades, but habits are permanent.
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