• Carlos Hughes
4 episodes
The purpose of the podcast is to take look at life’s journey while adding Biblical truths in a practical way. Our objective is to grow through the myriad of life experiences, with the understanding that growth is a process. So we will discuss lesson learns through success and failures, triumphs and losses but we know its not the will of God for us to remain stuck,but to learn from those moments to become a better person and to walk in his will.


The Power of Choice
2020 Jul 017m 13s
Today we are talking about the great responsibility of making choices.
Trust the Lord Part 2
2020 Jun 2712m 15s
This is the second part of the series about trusting God when life doesn’t make sense.
Trust in the Lord Part 1
2020 Jun 273m 43s
This episode is the first of a two part series about trusting God when life doesn’t make sense.
The Journey Podcast Introduction
2020 Jun 261m 49s
This episode introduces our objective for The Journey Podcast to encourage people on this journey called life.
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