• Zach Turnure
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Life Rewired is a personal development podcast hosted by former Division 1 Athlete and current trainer and coach, Zach Turnure. In this podcast you'll learn all things health, fitness, and personal development to help rewire your approach to life and become the best version of yourself.


What are you willing to struggle for?
2021 Feb 2312m 39s
In this episode, I offer a new perspective surrounding goal-setting. We all have goals, sometimes multiple at once that we are looking to achieve. Now take a step back for a second and reflect. Are you willing to sacrifice and endure the process in order to reach that goal or goals? Do you REALLY love the process or are you just obsessed with the outcome? These are all different questions we explore in this episode. After listening, you should have a very clear idea which goals of yours are aligned with who you are and which aren't.
Taking the leap with Meg Turnure
2021 Feb 1657m 8s
On episode 3, I had my first guest appearance from my sister, friend, and mentor Meg Turnure. We dive into details about taking the leap into the next phase of your life, whatever that may be. Both Meg and myself took a leap from our corporate careers to pursue our passions for health, wellness, and fitness full time. In this episode, we talk more in-depth about the importance of leaning into adversity, embracing discomfort, and taking risk.
Leaning into adversity
2021 Feb 0728m 8s
As discussed in the first episode, I wanted to take the opportunity to speak about my story in-depth and give some examples of my own life experiences and how they apply to overcoming adversity. In episode 2, I deep dive into the idea of leaning into your own adversity in your own life. Our natural human tendency is to stay in a state of comfort. It isn't in our nature to deviate and do something that is going to make us uncomfortable or challenge us. What we do not realize in the moment, is that these specific experiences are the ones that teach us life's most crucial lessons. Don't spend all of your time living someone else's narrative. Lean into adversity and write your own story.
About me - What is Life Rewired?
2021 Jan 2724m 34s
Welcome to the first episode ever of the Life Rewired podcast! I'm your host, Zach Turnure, and I am currently a personal trainer and online coach living in Columbus, Ohio. This first episode breaks down a little bit about myself and my journey up until this point as a former Division One Athlete from Ohio State to Corporate Sales Manager to now trainer and podcast host. Enjoy!
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