The Principle Driven Life Podcast
  • Melanie Shiell
3 episodes
Welcome to the Principle Driven Life Podcast, a show designed for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who desire to take their leadership and life to the next level. Melanie Shiell is a Leadership and Transformation Expert, certified and licenced by the John Maxwell Team. Every week we bring you the radical truth about what it takes to go from where you are to where you desire to be. It's our mission to not only help you be good at what you do but great at who you are.


How To Stand Out As A Leader
2020 Nov 237m 2s
Becoming a great leader is an inside job.  Leaders become great because of their thinking, values, motivation and intentions NOT their actions.  When you become bigger and better on the inside, you become bigger and better on the outside. Choose to be a...
Dealing With Haters
2020 Oct 278m
Maybe you're someone that no matter what you do or say, someone else has a problem with it. You could post the most motivational thing or thought provoking question on social media and somehow you've attracted a hater. In this episode, I'm going to...
Escaping My Chaotic Life
2020 Oct 1912m 13s
Are you struggling with the things in your life that don't make sense? Perhaps you are stressed, frustrated and ready to throw in the towel? We are creatures of habit and personal security, so when things get out of control and when the results are...