• MachoGreeeeen, KØJØ.B
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Two guys talk about relatable topics that will interest and inspire you to dig deeper into things that affect you. Join us, MachoGreeeeen and KØJØ.B as we discuss a wide variety of topics from social media, dating, mistakes and learning from them, music, motivation, and so much more. We at the Anything Podcast want to talk about, well, anything! Leave us a comment/rating to request topics that YOU are interested in!


Anything Podcast But We're High on Life (Sleep Deprived Moments)
2021 Feb 1951m 23s
We Practically High. We didn't sleep so here you go...
Greeeeen Starts Tripping About Valentine's Day - Hot Take Wednesdays #2
2021 Feb 1728m 9s
MachoGreeeeen shares his uncommon opinion on Valentines Day... Nothing else to be said there.
8th Graders doing WHAT in the bathroom!!! (ft. L.P.)
2021 Feb 121h 6m 41s
We reminisce with special guest L.P. as we remember our childhood and just how different it is from the way people are growing up now. Funny childhood stories and serious societal concerns are just some of the things we talk about in this episode of The Anything Podcast!
Maturity: Girls vs Guys (ft. L.P.) - Hot Take Wednesdays #1
2021 Feb 1044m 41s
The first Hot Take of many! We along with special guest L.P. dive into why we think the notion that "girls mature quicker than guys" isn't always true.
Getting Deep With Social Media
2021 Feb 032h 14m 48s
Deep dive into the effects of Social Media, VR, and other new technologies on the everyday person
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