The Simply Calm Podcast
  • Erica Traster
4 episodes
The Simply Calm Podcast is our space for intentional living, simple self care and the mindfulness practices for a calmer, more connect you.


Self Care is in the Hard Things
2021 Feb 2217m 8s
Self care has become a buzz word that is everywhere. But what does self care really mean? Erica dives in to the intention behind self care, how we find growth in the discomfort and that true self care is in the hard things. Listen along to shift how you...
How Small Changes Lead to Big Results
2021 Feb 1516m 16s
Erica breaks down why it's important to start small, how we overlook our hearts' desires and the next best step toward growth.
2021 Feb 0847s
Welcome to the Simply Calm Podcast! I'm Erica Traster and here's what I have in store.
Being In the Season That You're In
2021 Feb 0814m 44s
Welcome to the Simply Calm Podcast! In our first episode we start at the beginning, acknowledging where we are, right now. We'll discuss why this first step is important, how it allows for greater growth going forward and a chance for you to apply this...