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The Coach's Notes podcast focuses on individual excellence and team dynamics.


Make a True Decision and Get On With It!
2021 Jan 0412m 10s
I'll spare you the new year, new me talk. This is about crafting a clear vision of what you want in 2021 and then committing to yourself to make it happen regardless of any obstacles you might face. It's your Rubicon moment! No plan B.
The Coach's Notes 30
2020 Dec 0621m 48s
When in do-mode, I find it hard to make time to sit and reflect. My body gets agitated. My mind rebels and acts like a toddler, easily distracted, wandering off to chase the next shiny object. The best I can do is squeeze out a few sentences at a time. But really, the best thing for me to do is MOVE!
2020 Nov 095m 49s
In this episode of the Coach's Notes, I share 4 key questions to ask yourself when faced with uncertainty.
Stress and the Overextended Persona
2020 Nov 0630m 20s
In this episode, Clay and Nicola talk about the Overextended Persona in the Lumina Spark Model and how the persona relates to stress.
Leading a Team in a Pandemic World
2020 Oct 2634m 36s
In this episode of the Coach's Notes, I get together with a couple of my friends, Jennifer Brown and Lynsey Weir, who are also leadership coaches, to talk about what they have been finding out in the field as they interact with leaders coming to grips with leading teams, many of them remotely, in a pandemic world.
Soothing Soul
2020 Oct 194m 38s
A coffee contemplation exercise...
Resilience and Dealing with Uncertainty
2020 May 1147m 37s
In this episode, I catch with Coach Andy Chandler to talk about what it takes to be resilient and deal with uncertainty in a time of crisis.
Take what's useful, disregard the rest
2020 Apr 278m 15s
For all my friends in the UK, welcome to Lockdown 2020, week number 6. I hope you had a fabulous weekend and managed to get some sun (in your back garden of course!).
Back to morning pages
2020 Apr 2016m 26s
Today I returned to a practice I haven't done in a while, a practice called morning pages.
What the Big 5 Personality Test Reveals [podcast]
2020 Apr 1424m 8s
Audio podcast version here. For the video version go here.