Everyday With Ellie
  • Ellie Roberts
3 episodes
Just your local small town girl trying to get all of us through life's challenges with our own capabilities.


Episode 3: Loving yourself and Someone Else
2021 Feb 2031m 11s
Today we explore the struggles of relationships and dating along with how you become comfortable being on your own. Buckle up, it's long.
Episode 2: Goals and what's stopping you
2021 Feb 1018m 33s
We've all got goals we set, but why do we achieve some and not others? Episode 2 explore that and what I've done to help me achieve each one ( or not). Here we go!
Everyday With Ellie: Episode 1-- The Pilot
2021 Jan 2415m 57s
Hey guys, I'm Ellie and here goes nothing! Our pilot episode talks a little about myself, challenging your comfort zone and how we all can be creatures of habit. Let's grow!!! Give it a listen and stay tuned for episode 2!
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