Short Anxious And Tired
  • D.L
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Welcome to my anxiety..I mean my life. I'm a tired mom mixed with a few instabilities. Let's discuss mental health and mom life while I try to discover my way to mental healing Support this podcast:


How anxiety has helped me!
2021 Feb 2311m 43s
In this episode, I go over some interesting facts about anxiety and how anxiety has helped me, as well as some resources to get help for your anxiety
Body image and self-confidence
2021 Feb 1616m 34s
In this episode I talk about my personal feelings on body image ,body positivity ,aand the fat acceptance movements as well as I share a brief article about how communal nudity can affect body image in a positive way
My Life with anxiety
2021 Feb 0910m 22s
In this episode I share a few stories that talk about how my anxiety has affected certain parts of my life
2021 Feb 085m 56s
An introduction into my anxiety
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