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Welcome to the Being Black w/ Camille Smith Podcast! This podcast will coincide with my YouTube channel (iamcamillesmith). It is my hope that the show can highlight individual perspectives within the black community through storytelling in hopes it will elicit empathy from listeners. Each week, I will welcome on different guests from the black community to talk about various topics and spaces they feel their blackness has affected.


Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 10: In STEM
2021 Feb 2637m 20s
This week, I welcome a close friend of mine, Myah Massenburg. Myah is a master's bioengineering student at Syracuse University, and her and I were the only black woman in the chemical engineering graduating class of 2020. During our conversation, we talk about our unique experiences as black woman in engineering, the differences she sees between her undergraduate and graduate studies, and her experiences as a D1 volleyball player on top of her studies. This is an episode you will not want to miss.
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 9: Navigating the Corporate World
2021 Feb 1938m 31s
In this week's episode, I welcome Anthony Dongfack, a graduated senior from Boston University to talk about navigating the corporate world. Although we are both new to this space, we spoke about our experiences looking for jobs, going through the interview process, and the importance of growing and sustaining your network. This episode is perfect for black people looking for jobs. Be sure to follow @yourgoldengoals on Instagram to ensure you are doing what you can for yourself professionally! Also check out their linktree:
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 8: and a Creator
2021 Feb 1216m 54s
This week, I welcomed Madisen English, a Content Creator and Blogger based in Charlotte, NC with a focus on natural hair, clean beauty, and wellness. She enjoys sharing safe beauty products and tips/tutorials that can help women of color achieve healthy natural hair and clear skin. We talked about being black in the creative space, her experience as a black creator, and her advice for up and coming creators.
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 7: In Engineering
2021 Feb 0532m 58s
In this week's episode, I welcome N'Dea Irvin-Choy, a PhD candidate studying biomedical engineering at the University of Delaware. We talked about what it is like being a black woman in a room, the differences between undergraduate and graduate school, and advice we have for perspective engineers! This episode is very near to my heart because as a black woman that went through engineering without an sort of role model that looked like me being able to talk to N'Dea was very special and I hope it is just as special to you!
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 6: Navigating Colorism
2021 Jan 2923m 59s
In this week's episode, I welcome Sanaa Barnes, a junior at Villanova University studying English! She is a two sport D1 athlete. We talked about how colorism has affected us in the classroom, in social settings, and in our love lives. We talked about the intersections we saw between complexion and hair type, and our experiences with colorism within our own community. It is our hope that this conversation brings light to parts of colorism that can be damaging to brown skinned but specifically darker skinned people and encourage us as a community to stop perpetuating Eurocentric beauty standards!
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 5: And Queer
2021 Jan 2227m 36s
In this week's episode, I welcome Taylor Roberts, a Columbia University graduate that is now pursing her Juris Doctor degree. She hopes as a lawyer she will be able to advocate for her communities and diversify the legal field. We talk about the importance of representation, the true meaning of allyship, and the necessity of reaching out to the communities you want to help. I really enjoyed talking to Taylor about her experiences, and I hope you enjoy listening just as much!
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 4: Navigating Mental Health
2021 Jan 1536m 10s
In this episode, I welcome Aaron Sykes, a recent 2020 chemical engineering graduate from Villanova University to talk about Being Black navigating mental health. During our conversation, we talk about our mental health journeys, differences we see between our generation and our parents, and finding the balance between being grateful and protecting our personal health. This episode will be the first of many on mental health, and I am very happy I could start this conversation with Aaron!
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 3: Right Now
2021 Jan 1033m 13s
In this episode, I welcome Danielle Burns! Danielle also know as Danni B received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science concentrating on intersectionality, and now is pursing her Masters in Political Science focusing on International Relations. Once she receives her Masters, she plans to attend law school and practice civil rights law. Danni and I talk about the recent insurrection that occurred in the United States on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. We talked about our emotions, blatant double standards, and where the United States should go from here. I deeply enjoyed our conversation, and I think you will too!
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 2: In Spaces
2021 Jan 1038m 38s
In this episode, I welcome Richard Annan, a recent 2020 Villanova graduate hailing from Delaware. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. During our conversation, we talk about our experiences within white spaces, 'code switching,' and how we all need to steer away from the "color blindness" approach and challenge ourselves to create friendships and relationships with the awareness of the different experiences we will all have due to race and many other factors.
Being Black w/ Camille Smith Episode 1: The Introduction
2021 Jan 109m 53s
In today's podcast, I explain why I am making it, what I will be talking about moving forward, and the goal I am trying to accomplish! I started an IGTV series, Being Black w/ Camille Smith, on my Instagram (@iamcamillesmith) back in July 2020 that I will be dedicating these podcasts to. It is my hope that these episodes can provide insight into some of the black experience, and ultimately through storytelling encourage empathy!I will be posting podcasts every Friday at 5pm EST. I also have a YouTube Channel (iamcamillesmith) that will have the same audio content with a video!Follow me on instagram (@iamcamillesmith) to keep up with guests!Disclaimer: All the stories told during these episodes are personal stories that should not be used to represent the entirety of the black community. It is my hope that these episodes will give insight into how being black has shaped our experiences, and as I bring on more guests, more perspectives will be represented. I want to give black people a safe space to share our common experiences, and I hope non-black people can benefit from listening to conversations they otherwise may not hear. You may hear people that you know in these videos. Because they were willing to speak about certain topics on the show, does not give you free reign to speak to them about it at any time. Please be respectful. This show aims to elicit empathy and compassion for other people, specifically black people.
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