• Ken Eash
33 episodes
Impactful Teens is a podcast dedicated to empowering the personal growth of today's teens, and helping them to create an impactful and God-honoring life by developing a fulfilling and meaningful career.


32 Weathering the storms of life
2021 Mar 017m 14s
Sometimes it feels like the "storms" of life have a strong possibility of washing you away and drowning you.
31 Critical thinking and problem solving
2021 Feb 257m 19s
Critical thinking a problem solving skills are essential skills for build a resilient and impactful life.
30 Eliminate self doubt
2021 Feb 246m 18s
So many of us struggle with doubting who we are, doubting our IDENTITY. God created us in His image, and said "it is good". When we lose sight of our identity in Christ and wish we were someone else, we are placing our judgement of ourselves of God's "it is good" judgement, and doubt creeps in.
29 How to be Heard and Understood
2021 Feb 226m 5s
Ever felt like your thoughts, feelings, and opinions didn't matter? All of us have been there at one time or another. Today we'll dive into the most effective way to break out of that.
28 Dealing with frustrating relationships
2021 Feb 197m 40s
Don't stay stuck with the frustrated feelings that come so easily when you're stuck at home with the same people over and over. Kick it to the curb.
27 Dream Big!
2021 Feb 177m 42s
Don't be limited in what you can do by the imaginations of another person. If you can dream it, you can create a version of it.
26 Grass is Greener
2021 Feb 155m 41s
Don't get so caught up in wanting to be someone else that you forget to be who God made you to be.
25 Invitation to a Conversation
2021 Feb 125m 26s
Your 1on1 conversation to overcome roadblocks:
24 You ARE a Leader!!
2021 Feb 109m 41s
Whether or not you believe you have the qualities of a leader, you DO!!
23 North South East West Personality Compass
2021 Feb 088m 32s
Which way does your compass point?