• Narasimharaju Perumal
7 episodes
Hi, I'm Narasimz. I'm on a mission to help 1,000,000 people to live disease free. The purpose of this podcast is to have a heart-to-heart talk with you on healthy eating concepts and millet lifestyle. My core intention is to spark that "fire of disease free" in the core of your heart so that you to go out there, take massive action and get massive results in every aspect of your life. Thanks for being here. Let's stay connected.


EP - 007 - Can’t give up your favourite junk food? Simple ways that you can practice.
2021 Feb 091m 23s
How can you can give up favourite foods, provided if they are unhealthy & junk?
EP - 006 - 7 Hacks to eating habits for better health
2021 Feb 031m 41s
Many a times we think whether the eating habit changes are really possible given our routine at home & work.
EP - 005 - How to develop the taste bud of healthy food in kids
2021 Jan 311m 55s
Pandemic has let to obesity among many children.
EP - 004 - The unbelievably easy way to cook with Foxtail Millet
2020 Dec 262m 38s
It is myth that cooking with millet is difficult.
EP - 003 - 3 Ways on how Palm Jaggery can support your gut
2020 Sep 062m 28s
Did you know if you support your gut to be clean then your whole body will support you by being healthy?
EP - 002 - Are you looking for simple healthy diet to reduce your weight?
2020 Aug 282m 37s
A simple & easy to prepare Millet recipe to help achieve your weight loss goal.
EP - 001 - How to identify unpolished MILLETS?
2020 Aug 224m 12s
Do you want to know the two simple methods, on how to identify unpolished MILLETS, to get the right and balanced nutrition in your diets?
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