• Abby and Vivian
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Welcome to Two Boobs Podcast! Here we'll talk about getting through highschool, relationships, moving out, work, and just about everything else - we've got a story for all of it! Thanks for joining in on our crazy lives:) -Abby and Viv Uploading every Monday @whatever time we end up posting


Episode 2: Her walls were bleeding...?
2021 Feb 2252m 41s
Welcome to the second episode of Two Boobs with your hosts Abby, Vivian, and special guest, Jeff! This week we talk about a psychic predicting our future, mysterious blood dripping from an apartment wall, and Jeff's life changing decision.
Episode 1: He ate what?!
2021 Feb 0842m 44s
Welcome to our first Two Boobs podcast episode featuring us, Abby, Vivian, and our boyfriends, John and Santi. On this episode we talk about embarrassing high school stories and growing up.
Two Boobs (Trailer)
2021 Feb 0150s
Welcome to the Two Boobs Podcast official trailer, hosted by Vivian and Abby. Airing every Monday!
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