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4 episodes
Just two Canadian conservative girls sippin’ wine and bringing our fresh take on all things culture and politics.


Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots (Everybody???)
2021 Mar 0228m 42s
Grab yourself a *shot*, and join Nat and San as they discuss vaccines and some of the risks associated with the newest vax on the market.
Do as I say, not as I do
2021 Feb 2329m 32s
Grab a Negroni and join Nat & San for episode #3 as they discuss celebrity elitism, government hypocrisy, and the importance of the family.
Hello, it's called Conservatism
2021 Feb 1624m 48s
Grab a glass of wine and join Nat & San in their second episode as they discuss Conservatism in Canada, the CPC, and being "red-pilled."
Canada, your complacency is showing
2021 Feb 0628m 44s
Join Nat & San in their first ever episode as they discuss lockdowns, protests, and mask-mandates over some delicious alcoholic bevvies.
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