A Course in Self L*ve nyc yoga | sophia
  • Sophia Malkotsis
3 episodes
A Course in Self L*ve is divided into three parts, Setting the Foundation, Understanding Our Energy, and Living a Life of Self L*ve. I’ve designed the course with recorded podcast-style conversations, chapters to read, and three short meditations to participate in to align with the content explained for that part. These conversations start each of the three parts of A Course in Self L*ve. You can purchase the full written E-book here: nycyogasophia.com


Part Three: Living a Life of Self L*ve; A Conversation with Mindfulness Expert and LMFT, Lair Torrent
2021 Feb 1230m 28s
As seen in New York Magazine, Rolling Stone and NPR, Lair Torrent shares his wisdom of how to apply mindfulness to real life situations. Together Lair and Sophia discuss how self love is the foundation of mindfulness, positive self-talk, and cultivating compassion for the inner child.
Part Two: Understanding Our Energy; A Conversation with Energy Healer Alexa Shore
2021 Feb 1238m 9s
Alexa Shore founder of Guru'd, reiki practitioner, spiritual coach, and energy healer, speaks about how self love and the relationship we have with ourselves corresponds with our energy and what it truly means to connect body, mind, and energy.
Part One: Parental Influence; A Conversation with Dr. Michelle Arnold, Psy. D
2021 Jan 2836m 13s
Dr. Michelle Arnold and Sophia kick start Part One: Setting the Foundation, of A Course in Self L*ve. Together they dive deep into what self-love means and how our parents or legal guardians, have either influenced us to love ourselves unconditionally, or reject our self-love, deeming ourselves unworthy, for whatever reason. Dr. Michelle helps clarify where this self love, or lack-there-of stems from, and why it's important to cultivate an awareness of how we really feel.
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