Ducks In A Row
  • Jenna and Meghan
6 episodes
An advice and entertainment podcast from two Canadian teenage girls who have neither their ducks in a row, nor their lives together. It’s all downhill from here....


Fashion, Aesthetics, And Alan Squirrels
2021 Jan 2152m 21s
Jenna and Meghan bring on a guest and they explore the world of fashion while also rambling about life and funny stories.
Feminism And Squirrel Brains
2021 Jan 1650m 59s
Jenna and Meghan discuss their views on feminism and expectations vs reality of being a girl in high school however, they end up taking many tangents and ending up in a few hilarious random conversations that even they aren't sure how they got there.
Spooky, Scary Tea Spilling
2021 Jan 0749m 26s
Do we believe in ghosts? Are we superstitious? During this episode, Jenna and Meghan dive into some superstitions and conspiracies to cure their boredom.
Worrying Is A 24/7 Thing
2020 Dec 3139m 56s
No matter who you are, we all have worries. During this episode we wanted to talk about 2020 and how it has caused us much stress and anxiety and how we learned to cope and take control of our lives.
Christmas shenanigans
2020 Dec 2442m 11s
Jenna and Meghan discuss christmas of the past and the present while also experiencing some interesting technical difficulties.
2020 Dec 1730s
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