• LaMaya Laurez
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A question deferred makes the soul sick. True story. I know you know the feeling. Questions about life and God constantly consume us. You probably had at least 10 questions today .... But did you ask God? How can you know something if you never ask? And why not ask all your questions to The One who designed, formed, and supports creation. Interesting really. We google, tweet, and post, but still never find the right articulation of an answer to sooth our wondering hearts. Truly, truly this podcast serves as a means to ask and search out God for real answers. I Question God, Do you?


Can I be fully black and fully Christian? Part Two
2021 Feb 1333m 35s
It’s funny, fustrations can often feel hopeless, but hope often provokes frustration. In this episode we find ourselves coming uncomfortably close with our grievances in this duality of being black and Christian, however we are greeted so gracefully by the One I call Counselor.
Can I be fully black and fully Christian? Part 1
2021 Feb 0530m 34s
Happy Black History Month! Blackness is not just a color, but it is an identity that testifies of history, grit, swag, perseverance, and dignity. - however when paired with Christian, it begs to reconcile with the history of oppression, and neglect Christians with fairer complexion. Complex indeed, still Danyelle and I explore the duality of being both black and Christian in America today.
Finding God in pain
2021 Jan 2856m 33s
In this episode I go over my personal testimony, I speak about meeting God, and lay a clear foundation for what this podcast will be: encounter, relationship, and pursuit with Jesus
God, what’s Your deal?
2019 Sep 1136m 8s
In this episode we look at offense towards God’s mercy for other people. Honestly we’ve all had moments where we prayed for God’s vengeance but all we see is good things for the person that hurt us. Most of the time when I ask people what upsets them about Jesus and the Gospel they express a fear that Bad people now have an escape from justice and paying for what they did. So on this episode I take an external and internal approach to figuring is this fair or not. Hope y’all enjoy and this blesses you. ~ LaMaya Laurez
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