Spend it Widely
  • Dom and Vix
10 episodes
Well hello there. Glad you’ve found us here at Spend it Widely. What is ‘Spend it Widely’ you ask? Good question - it’s a non-stop comedy romp through the world of travel hacks (free upgrades anyone), holidays, secrets to getting more when drinking cocktails and eating out, and generally helping you live beyond your means without overspending. Some say we’re funny, most people say we’re a little insane, we think it’s all a bit of a laugh - and the champagne certainly helps.New episodes every other Wednesday.


S2: E1: We're baaaaaaack
2019 Sep 2717m 50s
we're back, funny nonsense from Vix and Dom
Episode Nine - Trains, Made moans and Vix makes a confession
2018 Dec 0719m 14s
Spend It Widely Episode Nine is all about Scoring cheap train tickets and then Vix makes a major admission
Episode Eight - Black Friday, Plane Etiquette and Deliveroo Plus
2018 Nov 2120m 25s
Black Friday, how not to behave on flights and deliveroo plus - funny nonsense from Spend it Widely with a side of advice
Episode Seven - Gyms, Jims and Vodka Watermelon
2018 Oct 0318m 23s
How to look achieve wellbeing whilst also eating vodka watermelon
Episode Six - Hotels, Facebook Hates and an Addiction to Smileys
2018 Sep 1219m 6s
How to book hotels, get the best deal and score free nights, plus a rant and a moan
Episode Five - Tickets, M&S Chewing Gum and Carl
2018 Aug 2220m 58s
How to see West End shows for less, not be mugged off by ticket sellers and see ALL OF THE FILMS for a fraction of a price - Episode 5
Episode Four - Upgrades, Tube Porn and Bare Feet
2018 Aug 0722m 5s
How to get free upgrades, what not to do at the gym and how to avoid tube porn embarrassment - our fourth episode of funny nonsense
Episode Three - Eating Out, Harvester and Soft Launches
2018 Jul 2520m 10s
Dining hacks - spend the same, dine at better places (we also talk about Harvester)
Episode Two - Complaining, Aperol Spritz and Floordrobes
2018 Jul 1119m 7s
How to complain, is Aperol Sprtiz a thing and more funny nonsense from Dom and Vix
Episode One - Holidays, Americans and Free Money
2018 Jul 0520m 13s
Episode One - Holiday hacks, Americans and Free money
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