• Darius Samuels
3 episodes
Hi guys my name is Darius Samuels and this is a podcast about news, information, mental health, physical health and everything culture related today, Tune in!


Groundhog Day
2021 Jan 086m 46s
Hey guys this is a little mini sode on the movie Groundhog Day which if you watch during this time we’re in it really hits you! Hope you enjoy and check out the movie
Your own personal pandemic response
2020 Nov 1848m 48s
In this episode I talk to family, Ryan Patrick, about his band, his love for music and life, his charity work, his thoughts on 2020, gun control, home protection, and what he does to stay healthy and sharp.
He who dares
2020 Nov 1730s
Hi guys this my new podcast, I decided to make a podcast because I’ve been losing my mind during this mental year abs I decided to talk about it on a podcast
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