POP! Goes the Weasels
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11 episodes
We are newlyweds, cat enthusiasts, 80's & 90's pop-culture fans, and snarky. We love making eachother experience weird things we loved as kids and then making fun of those things and each other. Ali & Michael are our names. The cats are Clarke & Jazz.


Episode 11 - The Lost Boys?
2018 May 1459m 35s
In this episode we watch the classic 80's vampire romp/comedy The Lost Boys! It's a lot of fun, seriously... a. lot. of. fun. Plus, which corey is still alive, best video store/worst comic book shop, the invention of Ukulele Whisper Metal! This week leads us up to Ali's Birthday Pick and the debut of White Wolf Screaming!
Episode 10 - Drop Dead Fred
2018 May 0758m 11s
In this episode Ali & Mike watch Drop Dead Fred, the 1991 Horror Film disguised as a family comedy. This movie does for schizophrenia what Dennis Miller did for Ottoman Empire references... and that's not a good thing.  Also, 8-year olds in epcot center fist fights, terrible parenting, and Carrie Fisher being rad.
Episode 9 - Karate Kid
2018 Apr 291h 1m 16s
In this episode we talk about the movie Karate Kid! the OG not the other one, or the other other one. Ali (with an I) and Mike disagree on the level of greatness, but not on the level of absurdness. Also, 12 year old Ninjas, deserved childhood beatings, the Rocky, Revenge of the Nerds, Step Up & Friday the 13th (Part Six) connection, and our new side hussle... Miagi Crossfit!
Episode 8 - Walk Two Moons
2018 Apr 2259m 10s
In this episode we discuss the book Walk Two Moons, also marble mouthed idiot children, the Fight Club connection, depressing childrens stories, and whether or not Mike witnessed THOUSANDS of salamanders slithering through a parking lot in high school... like, maybe that happened?
Episode 7 - Highlander
2018 Apr 081h 3m 37s
In this episode, we agree significantly that there can be only one  and cofuse convicts and friars. Highlander rules and t-rex stick figures drool.
Episode 6 - Trading Mom
2018 Apr 0856m 26s
In this episode, Ali picked the 1994(ish) movie Trading Mom. We discuss the movie... meh. Also, we learn about the origin of Ali's true crime obsession, children summoning the dark arts, and Mike's lifelong grudge against Wimbledon and tennis in general.
Episode 5 - Night Court
2018 Apr 0852m 9s
In this episode Ali & Mike both LOVE Night Court! Also in this episode, Ali & Mike discuss the Gilroy Garlic Festival and why its a terrible horrible thing, the methiness and stabbiness of Butte County, Snick, Cal Worthington and... his Dog Spot, and something about Cam'ron.
Episode 4 - The Babysitters Club
2018 Apr 081h 4m 13s
This week Ali makes Mike read book one of The Babysitters Club series, and Mike hates it.
Episode 3 - Labyrinth
2018 Apr 0857m 18s
In episode 3 we talk about the 1986 movie Labyrinth, codpieces, shitty teenagers, and how JK Rowling is totally not a huge and blatant literary thief.
Episode 2 - Clifford
2018 Apr 0849m 57s
Here is Episode 2! In this one Ali makes Mike watch the movie Clifford. We also find out about Video store competition in the 90's and Mike's hopes and dreams about Dabney Coleman, and Ali's love of terrorist children and talking animals!