The Social Marketing Hour Podcast with Manuel Suarez
  • Manuel Suarez
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Welcome to the Social Marketing Hour with Manuel Suarez! In this new podcast series, Manuel, CEO of AGM Marketing, will be helping businesses across a variety of niche markets supercharge their marketing! Manuel has worked with big names including Daymond John, Dr. Berg, Nancy Cartwright, Chick Corea, Frank Suarez (Metabolismo TV), Grant Cardone and others. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on the best social media marketing strategies!


3 Guidelines on How to Find a Mentor for Your Business
2021 Feb 1910m 34s
Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got a well-established business humming along it’s always a good idea to keep learning so that you can continue growing.
The 6 Steps to Start Your Social Media Marketing from Scratch
2021 Feb 121h 7m 17s
People have a lot of questions when they first start out with social media marketing.
Chat Marketing Basics: How to Grow Your Business using ManyChat in 2021
2021 Feb 0553m 9s
Having a personal chat is often the best way to find out what a person needs so that you can provide the best products and services, right?
Lead Generation for 2021 - How to Bring People Into Your World
2021 Jan 291h 2m 55s
What’s the one thing we all need to continue growing our businesses? New leads!
eComm Business Growth & Life Advice with Ezra Firestone
2021 Jan 221h 8m 26s
WOW! Ezra Firestone, the founder of SmartMarketer and Zipify, joined us on the Social Marketing Hour and unleashed massive pieces of business and life wisdom.
How to Conquer the iOS 14 Changes
2021 Jan 151h 11m 15s
The iOS 14 update that Apple first announced in June 2020 is beginning to happen now.
iOS 14 Changes, Copywriting Beginnings and Reasons People Buy
2021 Jan 0759m 36s
This episode of the Social Marketing Hour has some real fire in it.
The Secret to a Thriving Business in 2021 is Having the Right Knowledge and Skills
2020 Dec 1744m 11s
In 2020, people have become much more comfortable with the thought of shopping online and not just on Amazon either.
From High School Teacher To #1 Business Podcaster
2020 Dec 101h 3m 34s
This #1 rated podcast show host, Jeremy Ryan Slate, dropped some knowledge that even made me stop and say, “WHOA!”
The “President” Speaks On Amazon & eCommerce
2020 Dec 031h 13m 11s
2020 has been an incredible year with some of the lowest lows and highest highs depending on your position in life and business.