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Welcome to the What Gives? podcast where we have conversations and hear real stories from organizations and individuals on how they are changing their communities. With years of nonprofit and community building experience, our host, Viv, leads us in conversations with people who have dedicated their lives and careers to creating safer, inclusive, kinder, greener, equitable and more just communities.

If you are seeking to get involved in a cause that speaks to you or you are looking to learn about a new and native solutions to our most pressing social and humanitarian issues, join us weekly at What Gives?


#4 - My Block My Hood My City, Taking Care Of Your Neighbors - with Ernesto Gonzalez & Nathan Cordero
2021 Feb 2226m 31s
There is no organization quite like this one in Chicago. In this episode, Nathan Cordero and Ernesto Gonzalez talk about the great city of Chicago, and how M3 harnesses the spirit of community and the simple act of helping your neighbor to make an incredible impact. M3 constantly shifts to meet the needs of the community - whether it is health disparities, youth mentorship, pandemic-related relief, or shoveling snow. It's about the simplest acts of kindness.
Bonus Episode - Part 2: Anti-Blackness in Asian Communities
2021 Feb 1825m 58s
Consuela and Angela, of People Matter, gives us a lesson on race and the heightened Anti-Blackness as a result of the violence on East Asian Americans.
Bonus Episode - Part 1: On Violence Against Asians
2021 Feb 1823m 22s
Edward Raya, of the Pilipino American Unity for Progress, helps me navigate the conversation about the surge of hate crimes on the East Asian American community. Please note there is a *trigger warning* for this episode.
#3 - Building Education, From Self & Heart to Service - with Wendy Shew
2021 Feb 1528m 41s
This week, we're switching gears and going abroad! We sit down with Wendy Shew, of Building Education, to talk about what it's like to build a education non-profit abroad, and her passion for self-development and women empowerment. Filled with questions and giggles, we explore our own relationship with the world and our purpose.
#2 - Vocational Guidance Services, Towards An Accessible World - with April Walker
2021 Feb 0833m 24s
So, what might an inclusive and accessible future look like? April Walker, of VGS, get us thinking about the intersection of disability and race, barriers to unemployment, and what we can all do. In the second half, we dive into our own experience, unemployment during this pandemic, key takeaways, and our hopes for the future.
#1 - Breakthrough, From Storytelling To Culture Change - with Priya Kvam & Jason Fluegge
2021 Feb 0139m 52s
Priya Kvam and Jason Fluegge walk us through Breakthrough's 20 year story and feminist roots, and how their organization is promoting global human rights, intersectionality, and culture change through storytelling, art, technology, and pop culture. We also touch on our own background in the arts.
2020 Dec 161m 2s
Hi, I'm Viv, and I'm your host on What Gives? where we bring you weekly stories of people and organizations driving change in their community and the world. Whether you are here to learn about community solutions to big issues or you are looking to give and get involved, this is the podcast for you.
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